Accounting services in Geneva

Are you looking for a practical and efficient way to manage your company's accounting? Fidulex offers an accounting service in Geneva tailored to your needs, in paper or 100% digital format.

Accounting services in Geneva

We help companies to improve their accounting and strengthen their financial performance.

The best accounting service in Geneva, for you.

Looking for a practical, efficient way to manage your accounts? At Fidulex, we put customer satisfaction first. Up-to-the-minute accounting for the smooth running of your business.

Regular accounting

Your accounts are kept on schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly). Our accountants ensure that all transactions are properly documented.

Tax included in the package

Our experts don't just keep your accounts - depending on your situation, they can also advise you on VAT and direct taxation. So you can avoid any mistakes.

Personalized follow-up, dedicated accountant

Your accountant will work closely with your company throughout our mandate. This way of working means we can react quickly, which is much appreciated by our customers.

Billing software

We also work with the Bexio solution for small and medium-sized businesses. This software enables you to manage your quotations and send your invoices with ease.

Let's discuss your needs

Our experts are available to meet with you online or in our offices to discuss and define your business accounting needs.

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What our accounting service has to offer

The accounting and finance department is essential to the smooth running of any business, large or small. It offers a range of services that contribute to effective financial management and strategic decision-making.

360 account management

One of the key objectives of Fidulex's accounting department is to ensure complete bookkeeping for your company. This includes recording financial transactions such as receivables, payments, overheads and much more. 

Qualified accountants ensure that all these transactions are properly documented and filed in the appropriate books of account.

Preparing tax returns

The preparation of periodic tax returns is also included in all our accounting subscriptions. Our chartered accountants are responsible for in-depth analysis of all tax aspects to ensure full compliance with current legislation. They also prepare and submit these returns on time, avoiding any risk of penalties.

In-depth financial analysis

Our chartered accountants scrutinize your financial statements, identify trends and opportunities, and provide detailed reports on the company's financial health. This information helps identify potential areas for improvement and develop strategies for sustainable growth.

Personalized advice

Our accountants and tax specialists will work closely with you to understand your specific business objectives and propose solutions tailored to your needs.

Whether it's reducing taxes, improving profitability or optimizing cash flow, these tips are essential to maximizing your company's financial potential.

Discover our packages

Whatever your needs, our trustee offers you several modular plans to best suit you and your company.

The rates shown below are provided as a guide only. They may be subject to change depending on your requirements and the volume and complexity of the work to be carried out.




Ideal for self-employed
Ideal for VSEs & SMEs
Basic monthly price
From CHF 140.00
From CHF 180.00
On request
Dedicated contact
Exit interview
Accounting entry
VAT management
Tax return
Time limit requests
Contract models


CHF 30.00/person
CHF 30.00/person
Fiscal year 2023

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Frequently asked questions

An outsourced accounting service offers several advantages, such as easy access to financial information, reduced costs associated with hiring an in-house accountant, and the possibility of benefiting from specialized expertise in Swiss accounting, tax and social regulations.

  • Manage cash flow and control expenses and revenues.
  • Analyze performance, loads and profits on an ongoing basis.
  • Facilitates compliance with legal and tax obligations.
  • Quickly detects errors and potential fraud.
  • Facilitates funding applications to partners by providing reliable, up-to-date financial information.

Visit financial accounting is to provide financial information. It focuses primarily on the recording of financial transactions, and the preparation of financial statements such as the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.

Visit management accounting is focused on the internal use of financial accounting information with a purely economic approach. It is a tool for decision-making and strategic planning. 

In Switzerland, companies are subject to certain legal accounting requirements. These obligations vary according to the company's legal form and size.

Companies must keep accounts and draw up annual financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and notes). 

In addition, supporting documents must be kept for a minimum period of ten years.

Finally, certain companies are required to have their accounts audited by an approved auditor if they exceed certain thresholds in terms of sales, balance sheet, income statement or number of employees.

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