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Geneva is a strategic choice for corporate domiciliation due to its international status. Take advantage of a prestigious address in the heart of Geneva today.

Domiciliation in Geneva
Geneva is renowned as a dynamic international business center, attracting companies from all over the world.

Company domiciliation in Geneva

In terms of the tax environment, Geneva offers significant advantages. Competitive tax rates make this Swiss city a wise choice for entrepreneurs and investors.

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Benefit from a prime address in the heart of Geneva. This will enhance your company's image.

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We receive your mail and scan it for you. You're also free to pick it up at any time.

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Use our conference rooms whenever you like to welcome your potential customers and prospects.

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Company domiciliation: what are the advantages?

Switzerland is renowned for offering a stable and attractive business environment for companies established on its soil. With its stable political system, skilled workforce and modern infrastructure, it is an ideal choice for company domiciliation.

Excellent image

The country's reputation for political, economic and financial stability inspires confidence in potential business partners. Being based in Switzerland can give your company added credibility on the international market.

Tax advantages

Tax rates in Switzerland are relatively low compared to other European countries, enabling Swiss-based companies to make significant savings on their tax burden. This also encourages foreign investment in the country.

Banking secrecy

Swiss banking secrecy is known the world over. It offers solid protection for the confidential information of companies domiciled in Switzerland. This enhanced confidentiality is a must for companies dealing with data-sensitive customers.

Economic stability

Economic stability is another major advantage of domiciling in Switzerland. The country has a long tradition of economic prosperity, with low volatility and steady growth over the years. This stability offers companies domiciled in Switzerland a favorable environment for growth.

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Frequently asked questions

Switzerland offers an attractive tax regime for companies domiciled in the country. Tax rates are generally low, enabling companies to make substantial savings.

Yes, all companies, large or small, can benefit from domiciliation in Switzerland. There are no particular restrictions as to company size or sector of activity.

Fidulex offers a full range of services, including administrative management, mail reception and meeting room rental.

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