Company Domiciliation in Switzerland 

Company Domiciliation in Switzerland
Business domiciliation in Switzerland is becoming increasingly common, thanks to the country's political and economic stability, favorable tax system, skilled workforce, high-quality infrastructure and innovative environment.

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Why a direct debit?

During the creation of a company in SwitzerlandWhether it's a Sàrl, a SA or an RI, one of the first questions that arises is the question of ownership. the domiciliation of said company. In short, domiciliation is the location of your company's registered office.

The importance of the head office

Your company headquartersfor tax and administrative purposes. Therefore, you will receive all your company mail at this address. More importantly however, the amount of income and capital taxes that you will pay will also depend on this address, so you should choose it carefully, even thought it is also possible to change it later.

Choosing the right address

It is perfectly possible to register your company to your home address, for example, but other towns and cantons may be more attractive. In this article, we will take a look at the most advantageous places for a head office in Switzerland.

Where to Domicile your Business?

When deciding where to locate your head office, there are a number of factors to take into account, particularly the following tax factor. First of all, it's essential to understand that in Switzerland there are three tax levels to consider when choosing your head office. In Switzerland, a distinction is made between :

Some countries, towns and cities will therefore be more advantageous than others in terms of taxation.

Keep in mind that proximity to your customers is also important to create lasting customer loyalty. Market research, which is an integral part of your business plan, will also help in determining the best location to register your business at.

The advantages of domiciliation in French-speaking Switzerland

Switzerland is generally more favourable to entrepreneurs because of the stability its economy and its TAX RATES advantageous. If you plan to domicile your business in Switzerland, you will be able to encourage your employees to take advantage of the advantages offered by Switzerland. potential investors. Visit cantons of French-speaking Switzerland (Geneva, Vaud, Valais, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Bern, Jura), for example, are particularly attractive, since the tax rate is lower than in the rest of the country. Indeed, for a Sàrl or SA, the tax rate in the canton of Zurich is 19.65% whereas it is 14% in Geneva.

Tax rates by canton

Here are more examples of tax rates classified by canton, to help you find the most attractive one for your head office (but don't forget the 3nd tax level, the communal tax, which varies from commune to commune):

Zug (ZG)
Nidwalden (NW)
Lucerne (LU)
Glarus (GL)
Uri (UR)
Appenzell Innerrhoden (AI)
Obwalden (OW)
Appenzell Ausserrhoden (AR)
Basel-Stadt (BS)
Thurgau (TG)
Neuchâtel (NE)
Schaffhausen (SH)
Fribourg (FR)
Geneva (GE)
Vaud (VD)
Schwyz (SZ)
St. Gallen (SG)
Graubünden (GR)
Solothurn (SO)
Jura (JU)
Valais (VS)
Aargau (AG)
Basel-Landschaft (BL)
Ticino (TI)
Zurich (ZH)
Bern (BE)

The canton and city of Geneva are particularly interesting not only for their advantageous tax rates but also because of the large number of international organizations based there.

If you decide to locate your company in Geneva, you would have direct access to a dynamic, international business center. 

Where can I domicile my company?

Register your Business at your Private Address

It is also possible to establish your head office at your home. However, this may be subject to certain conditions. If you are the owner, there should be no obstacles to domiciling your company at your private address. On the other hand, if you are a tenantHowever, the landlord may object to you setting up your headquarters on his premises, especially if your company is likely to cause problems in the neighborhood (noise, frequent deliveries, lots of visitors, etc.).

Register your Business at your Professional Premises

In many cases, when you set up your business, you'll also need to consider buying or renting premises to carry out your commercial activity. You can also domicile your company in your own commercial premises.

Register your Business with a Professional

There are also cases where premises are not necessary for the operation of your business. Consulting a professional domiciliary is useful if you wish to differentiate the tax scale from your personal income. It also helps you choose the most tax-efficient location for your company.

At Fidulex, we help you to domicile your company in Geneva, in the heart of Geneva.


In short, there are many possible options when it comes to domiciling a company. We hope our guide has given you a clearer picture. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like more information on company domiciliation in Switzerland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Also known as the "registered office", this is basically the address of a company, which can be the same as the private address, although it can also be different. Among other things, it will determine the percentage of taxes a company will have to pay.

  1. Set up your company and take the necessary steps
  2. Choose a canton to live in
  3. If you are domiciled in Switzerland: choose between your domicile and a domiciliation service provider
  4. If you are domiciled abroad: choose your domiciliation provider

Federal, cantonal and municipal taxes.

The French-speaking part of Switzerland is relatively business-friendly, with a tax rate below the Swiss average.