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By working with our fiduciary, you'll benefit from personalized advice to maximize your tax benefits and minimize your liabilities, whatever your situation.
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Our tax experts are there to support you throughout the process of submitting your tax return in Geneva.

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If you're looking for tailor-made support, it may be a good idea to use a fiduciary to complete your tax return.

Tax expertise

A professional masters the subtleties of Geneva's tax system and will help you optimize your tax return by identifying the deductions to which you are entitled.

Time saving

Your assigned expert will collect the necessary information, fill in the forms and submit your declaration on time.

Risk reduction

Our professionals are familiar with current tax legislation and can avoid errors that could lead to penalties or tax reminders.

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Frequently asked questions

First of all, you risk receiving a tax reminder. The amount of this fine varies according to the time elapsed since the deadline, and may increase over time. What's more, late payment may also result in interest on the tax due, which means you'll have to pay additional charges. If you're overdue, don't panic, contact us and we'll apply for a delay on your behalf with the Tax Administration and examine your situation in detail.
If you have made a mistake after submitting your Geneva tax return, it is possible to correct it. The experts at Fidulex will make a request on your behalf to the Tax Administration after reviewing your situation in detail.
Our rates start from CHF 180 for a simple declaration. Depending on your situation and turnaround time, rates may vary. See our rates and packages for 2024.
The non-exhaustive list of documents required to complete your declaration is as follows: Proof of income: salary slips, bank statements, unemployment or welfare certificates. Proof of expenses: medical bills, receipts for charitable donations, professional training expenses. Information on your family situation: marriage or divorce certificates, family record book. Proof of investments and savings: bank statements, life insurance policies, stock market securities.
You can contact us using our contact form. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with the assistance you need.

Discover our packages

Discover our tax return packages in Geneva. We offer understandable rates, tailored to your budget and speed requirements.

Prices (excluding extras*)
CHF 180.00
CHF 240.00
CHF 360.00
Processing time
5 weeks
3 weeks
1 week
Dedicated contact
Document review
Delay request
Analysis of deductions
Interview (20 min)
*Are included in the price:
2 incomes per person
2 bank or securities accounts per person
2 loans (mortgage or consumer) per person
2 life insurance policies per person
Married (+80 CHF)
Securities (+80 CHF)
Real estate
(+80 CHF)
Self-employed (+80 CHF)
Tax slip control
(+100 CHF)
Fiscal year 2023

A delay in your
statement? We've got you covered.

Tax exemptions available in Geneva in 2024

When preparing your tax return, it's essential to be aware of effective strategies for legally reducing the amount of tax you pay. By planning your tax return wisely, you can benefit from certain tax advantages and optimize your financial situation.

Mortgage loan : if you have taken out a mortgage, you can deduct the interest paid on your loan.

Credit for donations : by making donations to recognized charities, you can benefit from a tax reduction.

Exemption for income from transferable securities : certain types of income from financial investments may be exempt.

Advice on optimizing your tax situation

To ensure that you receive all the deductions to which you are entitled, don't forget to keep an accurate record of all your deductible expenses, such as medical expenses, business expenses and supplementary insurance contributions.
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