Swiss invoice template for download

Swiss invoice template for download
Find out how to draw up your first invoice in Switzerland with our recommendations and templates available in Excel and Word formats. This article will guide you through the essential elements of an invoice.
Fidulex invoice template

Invoicing tips

When drawing up an invoice in Switzerland, you need to respect certain rules and best practices, to ensure transparency and accuracy for your customer, and to protect yourself in the event of disputes.

Use an invoice template

Adopt a Swiss invoice template that conforms to local standards to ensure that all the necessary information is included. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to invoicing.


Number your invoices in sequential order to make them easier to find and avoid duplication.

Services and products in detail

Add as many details as possible about the products and/or services supplied. Include quantities, prices, discounts, etc. Ideally, save your products as templates.

Terms of payment

Clearly state the terms of payment under which the invoice is to be paid, as well as the payment methods accepted.

Terms of use

Add your trade register number as well as your IDE number if you are subject to VAT. VAT.

Use billing software

If you issue a large number of invoices, consider using invoicing software, which will help you quickly create and even automate the sending of your invoices. Check that the software can issue QR invoices, which have been used in Switzerland since 2022.

Contents of a Swiss invoice

To draw up a proper invoice, remember to add the following items.

Information about the service provider

Customer information


Description of services


Terms of payment


Download invoice templates

Download in EXCEL format

Download our Excel template and modify it as you wish, free of charge.

Download in Word format

Download our template in Word format.