Pension advice

Do you want to ensure a comfortable retirement while reducing your taxes? There are a number of options open to you, and using the 2nd and 3rd pillars is the solution.

3rd pillar pension
By taking out a 3rd pillar pension plan, you can benefit from solid financial protection for the future.

Secure your retirement and optimize your tax situation

Switzerland has a three-pillar pension system. The 3rd pillar allows individuals to build up private savings for their retirement. This means you can put money aside each month to supplement your future pension.

In addition to securing your future, the 3rd pillar also offers attractive tax benefits. By investing in a pension plan, you can considerably reduce your tax bill.

The advantages of the 3rd pillar in Switzerland

The 3rd pillar in Switzerland offers many advantages to ensure excellent financial provision for your retirement.

  • Tax deductions : Contributions to the 3rd pillar are tax-deductible, reducing your tax burden.

  • Flexibility : The 3rd pillar offers flexibility in terms of contribution amounts and payment frequency. Everyone can tailor their pension provision to suit their needs and financial situation.

  • Attractive yield : Funds invested under the 3rd pillar can generate attractive returns over the long term, thanks to the various investment products offered by financial institutions.

  • Protection against the unexpected : The 3rd pillar is a savings reserve that can be withdrawn in case of urgent need.

  • Capital transfer : In the event of death, the capital accumulated under the 3rd pillar can be passed on to the designated beneficiaries.

Frequently asked questions

Contributions to the 3rd pillar can be deducted from your taxable income, helping you to reduce your tax bill. What's more, funds accumulated in the 3rd pillar are generally exempt from wealth tax.

The maximum amount of tax-deductible contributions may vary according to your personal and professional situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice.

In principle, 3rd pillar funds are blocked until the legal retirement age. However, it is possible to withdraw the capital if you buy a property or move abroad permanently.

If you change jobs or move abroad permanently, you can transfer your 2nd and 3rd pillar assets to a similar scheme in your new country of residence. You can also choose to keep your assets in the Swiss system.

Would you like to improve your pension provision?

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Pension advice

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