Swiss work certificate

Swiss work certificate
The Swiss work certificate is one of the most important documents for an employee. It indicates the quality of the work provided and confirms that the employee is working for the company.

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The Swiss work certificate: when and why?

The Swiss work certificate: when and why?

According to the article 330a of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO), the employee may at any time request a salary certificate, covering the nature as well as duration of the employment relationship. This certificate can also include the quality of his work and his conduct.

The work certificate is of crucial importance to the worker, because it proves that he or she has worked for the company. What's more, the work certificate indicates completed tasks and the employee's level of excellence, it is therefore very important to work in the eyes of the future employer.

Contents of the Swiss work certificate


First and foremost, the work certificate must be in English. written formwritten in a neutral and consistent with reality. It must include the tasks performed as part of the employee's job. The certificate must be written in the regional language in which it is emitted.

Key elements

For an employment certificate to be valid, it must contain various items of information about the company issuing it, such as..:

Details of employment relationships

The certificate must meet the truth principleof benevolence, d'completeness and uniformity, d'individuality and clarity.

In this context, the certificate may mention the end of reports of work because of the worker's behaviour, but it must avoid language that could make it difficult for the worker to find work.

The work stoppages with a significant impact on the employment relationship can be reported. inconsequential disease doesn't have to be.

In all cases, the form of the certificate must be claire and directThere are no hidden messages or disparaging terms, and the employer has a choice of wording.

Decoding the language of the certificate

It is sometimes possible to miss coded language work certificates. However, you should be aware that a recruiter will be able to decipher your certificate perfectly. That's why it's essential to know the terms commonly used to give a certificate of employment. level of satisfaction to an employee's work.

Employers often use the terms "satisfied" and "very satisfied", as well as "always", "as a rule", "entirely", etc. These words are important because they are considered to be the basis of a company's reputation. These words are very important, because they are considered a satisfaction scale.

Example of a Swiss work certificate

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Model Swiss work certificate

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