Right to unemployment in Geneva

Right to unemployment in Geneva
The right to unemployment benefit is in principle granted to workers registered with the Office Cantonal de l'Emploi. Find out about eligibility conditions, how benefits are calculated and much more.

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Unemployment rights in Geneva: the essentials

Unemployment rights in Geneva: the essentials

Legal basis

The right to unemployment benefits in Geneva is governed by the Loi en Matière de Chômage (Unemployment Act). (LMC)the Regulations Implementing the Unemployment Act (RMC) and at federal level, mainly through the Federal Law on Compulsory Unemployment Insurance and Insolvency Compensation (LACI).

Who is entitled to unemployment benefits?

In addition to being registered withCantonal Employment Office and be enrolled in a unemployment funda worker must meet the following following conditions to qualify for unemployment benefit in Geneva:

Exceptions to the right to unemployment benefit

In certain special cases, it is also possible to receive unemployment benefit. If you have resigned of your own free will and without good reason, or that your employer has licensed by your faultyou could still earn reduced unemployment benefits.

However, if you had a self-employment that you were forced tostopyou won't be able not unemployment benefit, but may be entitled to other benefits.other types of benefitssuch as theback-to-work or solidarity employment allowance.

Unemployment benefits: amount and duration

Amount of unemployment benefit

Unemployment benefits are paid by your unemployment fund. every monthand the amount depends on your average previous salary (Last 6 months before unemployment), also known as insured income" . If you touched a 13th salaryIt is also taken into account when calculating compensation.

It should be noted that the insured income lies between CHF 500 and CHF 12,350. You cannot therefore receive more or less than these amounts.

Your gross compensation will be approximately 70% of your insured earnings. If you meet one of the following conditionsyour insured earnings could amount to 80%.

Calculation of insured earnings

To calculate an insured gain, we'll take the following example:

Duration of benefits

If you are eligible for unemployment benefits in Geneva, you will be able to receive them, depending on your unemployment insurance contributions, for up to minimum 4 months and maximum for 2 years (24 months)unless you go to the retirement in under 4 years. In this case, the payment period will be extended.

Rights and obligations of the insured

Unemployment insurance obligations

If you are registered as unemployed, you must comply with the following conditions following conditionsOtherwise, you could be penalized:

Vacation entitlement

When you are registered as unemployed, you are entitled to 5 days from paid vacation per 60 days' unemployment. Your first vacation after registration can be after 60 days' unemployment.

Training rights

When you are unemployed, you have the right to participate in training or reintegration measures (MMT), if these measures are likely to help you find a new job or are necessary for your situation.

These training and reintegration measures may include course, internships, temporary employment programsetc.

Unemployment insurance penalties

If the conditions and obligations required by the unemployment insurance scheme are not met, various sanctions are provided for. The sanctions are days' suspension of payment and can range from 1 day in case of minor fault and up to 60 days in case of serious misconduct

The mistakes that may give rise to a sanction include following points (among others):

Waiting period for unemployment benefits

Depending on your personal situation, payment of unemployment benefits in Geneva begins after a certain period, ranging from 0 to 20 days. Benefits that should have been received are paid retroactively, i.e. they are not lost.