What is a fiduciary in Switzerland?

What is a fiduciary in Switzerland?
A fiduciary in Switzerland is a company that plays an essential role in the administrative management of a business. Find out more at continuation.

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Fiduciary: definition

Definition of a trustee

A trustee can be defined as an entity mandated to act on behalf of a company or an individual.

In Switzerland, a fiduciary is a company that specializes in the management of companies, and therefore offers services in this field, such as

In short, a fiduciary is a company offering 360° services designed to manage the administration and management of a business.

The role of a trustee

Accounting and tax services

Fiduciaries in Switzerland offer services such as bookkeeping, drawing up annual accounts, and handling various tax obligations, including tax returns and VAT management.

Payroll management

Fiduciaries can take charge of a company's human resources management, including assistance with residence permits, pay slips and statements, and communications with employees.

Advice and support

Thanks to their multi-disciplinary expertise, fiduciary companies help companies and individuals with the taxation, administration or overall management of their affairs by providing comprehensive support.

Registered address

Fiduciaries can also provide a domiciliation address for companies wishing to establish themselves in Switzerland. It is at this address that the company will be registered with the relevant authorities and receive official correspondence.

Starting a business in Switzerland

Swiss trustees advise entrepreneurs on the choice of legal formWe support them through the formalities involved in setting up a business, and help them find the capital they need to start up.

What training do trustee employees have?

If you want to use a fiduciary in Switzerland, make sure that their employees are trained to the highest Swiss standards. Here's a non-exhaustive list of diplomas that a fiduciary's employees could hold:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term "fiduciary" comes from the Latin "fiducia", meaning trust. It is used to designate a person or entity who holds a position of trust or responsibility towards another person or entity.

In Switzerland, a fiduciary is a company that is responsible for managing the assets or interests of another person or company.

The main tasks of a Swiss fiduciary include bookkeeping, annual accounts, company administration, tax representation, payroll management, and assistance with the formalities involved in setting up and running a business. Swiss trustees also offer advice and can assist with company domiciliation, as well as helping companies to comply with local regulations.

A trustee offers a wider range of services beyond bookkeeping, a fiduciary offers tax management, administrative services and often legal advice, while an accounting firm focuses mainly on bookkeeping, auditing and preparing financial statements.